Other Facilities Available

  • To switch on the balance briefly touch the “On/Off” key after the main power supply of balance has been switched on.
  • Check the level of the weighing balance; center the position of the air bubble.
  • Open the sliding glass door by hand, place a container or a butter paper on the weighing pan.
  • Press the “O/T” key, the display changes to zero. Close the glass door and then opens again when tarring is complete.
  • Place the sample to be weighed up to the desired target weight (to read the weight accurately, the door must be closed.
  • To switch the balance off briefly touch the “On/Off”key and press it until off appears on the display.
  • Use a moistened soft cloth or tissue paper to clean the weighing pan and the draft cover.
  • To remove residues from the weighing chamber, use the small artist’s brush.
  • Protect from vibrations, thermal fluctuations, sunlight, moisture and air currents.