List of publications - Patents

1. Indian Patent: Sayeed Ahmad, 2023. A Herbal Synergistic Composition for Diclofenac Induced Nephrotoxicity, Application No: 202311011784, TEMP/E-1/13776/2023-DEL

2. Indian Patent: Sayeed Ahmad, 2023. A Herbal Synergistic Composition for Management of  Cisplatin Induced Nephrotoxicity, Application No: 202311006016, TEMP/E-1/7045/2023-DEL

3. Indian Patent: Sayeed Ahmad, 2021. Immunomodulatory And Anti-MAP Potential Of Synergistic Herbal Formulation And Method Of Preparation Thereof, Application No.: 202111052390, P.2346.IN

4. Indian Patent: Sayeed Ahmad, 2021. An Herbal Formulation for Managment of Neurodengenerative Disorders and A Method of Preparation ThereofApplication No.: 202111022162, P.2204.IN

5. Indian Patent: Sayeed Ahmad, 2021. A Herbal formulation for immunemodulation and method of preparation thereof. Jamia Hamdard, Apl No. 202111028516 Ref no. P.2252.IN.

6. Indian Patent: K Chandra, Vineet Jain, Sayeed Ahmad, SK Jain (2019), A Natural Phytochemical Dietary supplement for prevention treatment and management of diabetes mellitus, Jamia Hamdard & HIMSR, PN: IPR/201911009430, P.1659.IN

7. US Patent: A Dokenia, DA Pearson, K Khan, Sayeed Ahmad (March 2017): A process for Preparing purified GLA, US provisional application no 62/454,810.

8. Indian Patent: Sanjula Baboota, Sayeed Ahmad, Javed Ali, Tanwir Athar and S. Mohamed Mustafa (DOF: Sept, 2014); Emulgel based topical dosage form in sustained manner containing herbal extract for the treatment of Psoriasis and a process for preparing the same, Jamia Hamdard & CCRAS, PN: IPR/13062/2013.